Precision & Excellence in Business

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Insight from the blog:

Axel found his goal-orientated training was much in demand, and he was able to take his military training and precision into the pharmaceutical industry. This work led to some fantastic projects that have changed people’s lives. Axel says that excellence comes when we are able to find cures. Such as those found for people suffering from Haemophilia and other rare childhood diseases.

Again it is about working collaboratively as a team, with each person playing their part in bringing the whole to fruition…

“I like this concept of the role of the conductor. As the conductor, you don’t need to be the best player of any of the instruments. You need to know how they all fit together and how to enable everyone in your orchestra to do the best job they can”

His consultancy business is doing well. But not being one to stand still, Axel has turned his attention towards creating a passive income for his future.

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