How to get rid of your BHAG goals with Mark Podolsky and Scott Todd

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An Airforce Officer Perspective To A Successful Entrepreneur


[00:00 – 09:16]

  • Host of Land Geek, Mark Podolsky, makes an intro with Scott Todd.
  • Introduced Axel Meierhoer, his Air Force background, and how he started Real Estate investing with no coach.
  • Reasons why I [Axel] went from investing in the stock market to real estate investing.
  • Why we need to have an Ideal wealth grower mindset[mentions: John Whitmore developed Performance Coaching | Jim Collins | BHAG goals]
  • Earning more than $5,000 a month is possible

[09:16 – 15:24]

  • What are the biggest obstacles faced when changing people’s wealth mindset?
  • Another way of Real Estate investing: Turnkey or Out-of-state Investing
  • Mindset first then apply a strategic and disciplined approach.
  • Identify what type of investor you want to be and what properties you’re interested in buying. [Mentions: Simon Sinek book, Start With Why]
  • What are the worst advice you see or hear when investing?

[15:24 – 25:00]

  • How do you get out of that comfort zone and start working on those BHAG goals?
  • Tips to save only $20,000 for your first Real Estate Property
  • Rules when renting out your home or property to earn x money  [Mentions: San Francisco and San Diego area]
  • “Steady discipline is the path to success’ [Mentions: John Soforic author of The Wealthy Gardener]

[25:00 – 29:28]

  • Mark gives out closing remarks [Mentions: Shawshank Redemption]
  • Scott gives out final thoughts on the book: Your Next 5 Moves

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