Why do people invest and why some don’t start

Why do people invest, and why some don’t start?

Listen here! Who is Big Life Financial?

Big Life Financial believes that you have a huge contribution to make to your family, community, and the world at large.

However, they believe that the #1 reason you won’t contribute as much as you could is due to your financial limitations.

Check them out at https://www.biglifefinancial.com/ On this podcast, host, Derick Van Ness encourages entrepreneurs and small business owners to share their journeys and expertise to discuss the power of balancing their work, life, and money. Derick and Axel cover how to financial stability and flexibility. In this episode tune in for more tips on:
  • How to gain time freedom with the right mindset
  • Long term assets vs. short term assets
  • Be an entrepreneur at the same time living off your passive income

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