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[00:01 – 06:04] Opening Segment

  • What kind of mindset we have is very important when we’re talking about investing, especially in real estate. As a successful real estate investor himself, Axel is currently working on The Mindset Manual. The Mindset Manual basically has three parts
  • The first one is about going from a victim mindset to a creator mindset. People with a victim mindset often think that they don’t have enough money and a lot of other negatives. On the other hand, people with a creator mindset are looking at how they can actually accomplish their goal, and what they’re actually aiming for.
  • The second part is all about shortening the time it would take you to learn most or all of the things that you need to somewhat safely and confidently start investing. You can listen to podcasts, read books, do all kinds of research, or work with a coach and a mentor, which is also something that Axel’s company offers.
  • Lastly, the third part is a system called a GROWER which is actually an abbreviation for a cycle that we go through to find our success.

[06:05 – 16:00] The GROWER Method

  • The G in Grower stands for Goal. What is the goal that you’re setting for yourself? What would you like to accomplish?
  • R stands for Reality. What is your current reality? What are all the things that influence you to either advance on your goal or hold you back towards reaching it?
  • O stands for opportunities. We should look at the opportunities that we can take advantage of right away or in the short term so we can create for ourselves the right circumstances. It also stands for Obstacles. What are the obstacles and hurdles that are on your way?
  • W stands for What actions you will take. It’s one thing to talk about all our plans but we also have to actually commit what concrete actions we’re going to do to move us closer towards our goals.
  • E stands for experience. What was your experience when you were executing your action? Were you surprised by the things that you discovered?
  • Lastly, the second R stands for results. What results did you get from accomplishing all the other previous steps? Do these results, in some way, influence your goal? And how does that apply?
  • Overall, the GROWER method is a cycle that keeps going round and round and helps you achieve your goals if it’s something you’ll keep on consistently practicing.


[16:01 – 35:40] The Six Laws

  • Law of Attraction in The Mindset Manual. You’ve most likely heard about why it works but here, Axel also talks about the reason why it DOESN’T work. It’s because there are actually five other laws together with the Law of Attraction that all need to be applied together.
  • Law of Purpose. It’s basically saying that after you have identified from the first law, what is now your intention? What are you actually aiming for? Basically, the question in the law of purpose that you want to answer is “Why?” Why is this something that you actually want to do?
  • Law of Choice and Accountability means that you have to determine what are the steps that you’re actually willing to take to work steadily towards that original goal. Then looking at the big picture, you also want to look at these actions if they’re really aligned with where you want to go – the Law of Alignment. Because to make the Law of Attraction work, you would want to frequently check if everything you’re doing is still aligned with your original goal. And if you are out of alignment, how do you get yourself back on track?
  • The Law of Faith doesn’t necessarily refer to religious faith but having that faith in doing something that you for yourself have determined to be worthwhile. Even if there are a MILLION naysayers.
  • Lastly, the Law of Gestation is basically about patience. Because some people would not want a goal that would take 12 years, for example. However, if it will give you financial independence, twelve years is still much shorter compared to working 30 or more years until your retirement. 

[35:41 – 40:59] Don’t be afraid to take the next step

  • With Axel’s expertise in helping people reach their goals, real estate investing, and reaching both financial independence and economic independence, Axel also talks about how he has helped someone through his mentoring process.
  • Mentoring phases: [1] Encouragement and establishment. He makes the people he’s mentoring establish what is their current reality. We can’t change how we got there but we can change where we go from there. So Axel helps people establish that current reality and then encourages them to change it, one step at a time.
  • [2] Guidance phase where he basically guides people to check on themselves. Are we still aligned? Can we do a little more? Are we doing the right thing? Are there new opportunities? Is there more stuff that you need to learn that you weren’t ready for, but now, you are as you’re moving along?
  • [3] Holding back or the measurement phase. It’s because people can get over-excited upon seeing that something works. And so this phase is the phase where you slow down your acceleration, pivot, and allow yourself to do more than just cover your costs, like pursuing your passions, doing things you actually love doing.

[41:00 – 46:16] The FOCUS FIVE Segment

  • The FOCUS FIVE are five questions Hans asks every guest on his show.


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