How a German soldier started investing in the US?

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[00:00 – 07:11]

  • Get to know Dr. Axel Meierhoefer
  • Green Card sponsor opportunity in the US

[07:12 – 18:06]

  • Transitioning from Military to Coaching & Consulting Business
  • How he started to build his portfolio at the age of 44

[18:06 – 29:20]

  • The challenges he faced before closing his first deal
  • Two things he provided the bank aside from W2 to get a mortgage
  • The perks of getting the best property management organization in town

[ 29: 21 – 43:53]

  • A brief overview of the 1031 exchange
  • Dr. Axel investing out-of-state strategy – REVEALED!
  • The significance of Turnkey providers in his out-of-state strategy

[43:54 – 50:10]

  • Discussing Dr. Axel current target markets.
  • 3 things to consider when looking for a specific market.

[55:10 – 01:05:28]

  • HOT SEAT QUESTIONS with Host Marcus Maloney!


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