In just 10 HOURS of Actionable Steps to Purchase your First Property

Instant Success? Nope, it’s 20 years in the making. Axel learned the hard way- but you DON’T have to start that way.

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About the founder

I am Axel Meierhoefer

I'm an investor in residential real estate. Currently owning a portfolio of about $2 million, mainly single-family homes in different states across the United States and internationally.

But I didn’t start this way, I didn't even think of real estate until I retired from my exciting career as a US Air Force officer.
But I didn’t start this way, I didn't even think of real estate until I retired from my exciting career as a US Air Force officer. 

Like all traditional mindsets, I believed that I could live off my pension, and retire with my wife and daughter to the Caribbean island of Belize.

Just to find out that my pension was nowhere close enough to cover our living expenses. So, I still had to work after retiring from the government.

Though I’m grateful I found another job as an executive, the thought of retiring and depending on 401K, pension, etc . ... made me cringe. 

But the Big question is

How will we ever be able to stop having to work, especially if we live in an expensive area along the coast?

And I know you might have asked the same question as well. Let me tell you that after much research and failed investments (like the .com bust)… I found that a lot of successful people invest in real estate to build their wealth.


If you’re neither here for the reasons above nor if you’re looking for immediate success WITHOUT researching real estate investing – this isn’t the course for you at the moment.

You see, rather than following tons of general pieces of advice, this course was originally designed for my mentoring clients, but now.

I’m sharing these bite-sized videos based on over 20 years of my life so that you can easily learn and apply what I will tell you in those actionable videos FOR ONLY $297

In the course, I’ll even share with you how I bought a fractional real estate property for just $50, unlike me who 25 years ago. I bought cassette tapes & DVDs, attended out-of-town workshops, visited lots of providers, canvased properties, etc.

information is at your fingertips

It’s only a matter of overcoming your analysis-paralysis and taking that first step towards your Investor Journey.

Read how Blessing, one of our mentoring clients described his Investor Journey.


I’ve always been interested in real estate investing. We have a lot of gurus that come to town, and they’ll tell you ‘I can make you rich in real estate, but then they’ll take your money and you don’t hear anything back from them.

So, I got burned. I became very skeptical. Still, I knew wanted to invest, but I just didn’t know where to start. 

When I met Axel on a call, I was skeptical but he was different. He literally holds my hands.  Sometimes, I’ll ask him a few questions that I’m expecting to get just a yes or no from him – but he would send me a whole page explaining in detail! 

So I was able to find my first turnkey property this year. Even when I bought the home, I didn’t even know what needed to be done. But Axel literally took me from A to Z.


Like Noah Blessing

I’ve mentored many clients since I started IWG in 2020, and  I’m confident to let you know that all of them already purchased their first property.

Yes, it wasn’t an easy and fast journey. Because like you, they are also professionals, or working parents, housewives, retired, etc…

- but still they pushed forward and are now earning back what they invested into our mentoring program. If you didn’t know, my mentoring clients pay me $2,399 to $4,399, it’s a lot to some, that is why I’ve created THE INVESTOR JOURNEY so that money won’t be an issue for you to START learning about the ins and outs of residential real estate.

And I do believe you will earn back the $297 that you’ve paid once you’ve taken action under the Investor Journey program.

About investor's journey course

Ideal Investors Journey Course Curriculum

Here is what YOU’LL get inside in this course:

What’s your investor type?

      • Personalize assessment on what type of investor strategy best suits you
      • Calculate your time-freedom point using our calculator

Accumulation Phase

      • How you can start with just $50!
      • Untapped ways of getting capital for your first property
      • How to grow your Personal Balance Sheet in 2 ways
      • I’ll show you the tools that I use to improve my credit score
      • How to search and focus on cash-flow-generating properties using this tokenized investing platform

That ONE ROAD you’ll focus on

We’ll tell you which

      • ONE strategy you’ll focus on
      • PROPERTY you’ll invest using what you’ve learned during the accumulation phase

STEPS on buying, protecting, and finding tenants

      • Road 1: Long-Term New Built
      • Road 2: Long-Term Renovation
      • Road 3: Short-Term New Built
      • Road 4: Short-Term Renovation

More to come

We keep adding more modules to this course

Some goodies inside

Bonuses to get you started

Who doesn't like bonus? We will give you all the following when you enroll to Ideal Investors Journey

There are lots of types of insurance out there, but we recommend only this type of insurance

We’ll show you the process

Why we recommend you apply LLC for your ‘personal’ protection and what company structure to take

Isn't it amazing?

Free mindset manual mini-course. Currently under development.

Don't take our words for it.

Here's what they say about us

Read some encouragement words from our happy students


We’ve been working with Axel for a couple of years now with great success. Just excited about doing this. He’s led us into several properties and opportunities. Some in Florida, Cleveland, Ohio. We have six properties that we’re dealing with in one fashion or another that are either short-term or long-term


I’ve known Axel for maybe a year and a half now. We kind of just started communicating about what I’m doing in general real estate at the time. I think it’s really just kind of how we just hit it off with the questions I’ve had and the answers he provided. And I’m kind of now thinking about where I can place my investments a bit more strategically figuring out some of these moving pieces.


I reached out to Axel and joined the mentoring program. And a couple of months ago, back in March, I got my first property! I was definitely very excited to start and looking forward to having that cash flow. So it was my first experience with rental property, the guidance and support that Axel provides as part of the mentoring program are amazing! Axel listens to you to truly try to understand your goals and then very patiently guides you through every step of the process. 

If you’re just starting your investment journey to the time freedom point, Axel will help set you up for long-term success right from the start to make sure you have a good foundation. Axel definitely has your goals and your best interests in mind and I am so glad to have Axel as a mentor on my investment journey.

I am lucky to be able to say I have reached my Time Freedom Point. And now I want to share & help you

START YOUR JOURNEY and ACCELERATE towards your Time Freedom Point.

Now my wife and I have built a portfolio that has over 10 properties with a value of more than $2 million. Creating great relationships with insurance providers, turnkey providers, developers, and lenders BECOMES YOUR BENEFIT because we will share them with you in this course program.

Now, I am able to run my business without stress because of the lessons that I’ve learned.

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