Meet Axel Meierhoefer, PhD

Founder AH Green Homes LLC and Investors Journey Course

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Do you want to risk your own money or possibly even end up with legal problems because you listened to some weekend guru who was more concerned about selling you his program than helping you? Investors Journey is not like that, or we rather say we are not that type of typical course.

how to protect yourself and become bulletproof

Learn How to Invest in Real Estate Without Getting Burned?

What if I say that Ideal Wealth Grower has already solved all the common problems when it comes to real estate investing. That is why Ideal Wealth Grower created the Real Estate Investors Journey Course as the perfect way to begin learning how to invest in Residential Real Estate.

With a Real Portfolio to show you with, No Sugar-Coating just real Experience and Genuine Strategy that made Zero to Hero. Currently on beta***